Monday, 24 September 2012


Hello and Welcome to my brand new little blog!

My Name is Simone, I'm at 18 year old college student from the North East of England and I've finally decided to start blogging (sort of again) as I really love reading other blogs and watching YouTube videos so I thought I may as well finally start my own. I love everything Hair & Beauty related and spend way more money on it than I should.  I watch way to much trashy TV and I like Lipstick, and  have long hair, hence the title of my blog!
Here's a photo of me, not to be vain, but because 
I always like to put a name to a face

My Mum and I also volunteer for Guide Dogs as Puppy Walkers, but currently board for others rather than have one puppy for a full year as it's hard to give them back! we currently have a semi-permanent resident called Gabby, she's a 14 month old Labrador-Retriver Cross, who was withdrawn from the Guide Dogs program for being a Diva who may instead become a Police dog, if she can be bothered! if not she's going to become a pet, but due to her nature she may end up having to stay with us, and I'll be honest, I won't complain, she's  beautiful! When she decided she wants attention she 'sings' at us! We've now had 11 dogs and each one is amazing and special in their own way.
Gabby, she's not really supposed to be on the sofa,
but she cares not, and just ignores anything said otherwise.

At college, I study an HEFC diploma program which is a university recognised qualification equivalent to A Levels which is ran by Northumbria University, I study History, Psychology and Sociology and plan to study Psychology at University next year.

So I guess that's pretty much me in short, hopefully I'll be able to get some good posts up that people will enjoy, and maybe a video or two?


  1. You have such a beautiful shaped face, it's so lovely! Also, loove what you do with dogs. The news that someone cares for dogs like that makes me smile :) xx

    1. Aww, thankyou so much! I've only just seen this comment now :( so sorry for the late reply but that's completely made my day!
      I'm a complete dog person, they're so amazing! xxx