Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Need For Something New

Now, I don't know about you, but I constantly crave new products. Even when I'm happy with what I'm using I always want new. I always think there must be better out there! So here's my list of what I'm lusting after right now

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
My skin, although is often now free of blemishes, always seems clogged and bumpy, with a  horrible texture that never seems to go away and it looks horrible! I've heard this mask mentioned a few times and for the price of £30, it may soon be mine! I've heard great things about REN, so I really want to give this a go.

Illamasqua Powder Blush in 'Katie'
This was actually one of my first ever Illamasqua purchases, I think I got this for Christmas in 2010. I used it almost every time I wore make up, until I hit pan, the remaining product then crumbled and I couldn't use it anymore, but since we parted ways earlier this year I really miss it! nothing quite gives me that glow and lasts as long as this does. It costs £18 (Does anyone else remember when Illamasqua blushes were £15!)

Hydraluron needs no introduction. After hearing Caroline Hirons rave about this product back in August, I've wanted it! My skin is chronically dehydrated and I don't know why, but this product promises to help! I'm up for anything that could improve the texture of my skin, and more hydration can hardly hurt can it? this is priced at a reasonable £24.99

Chantecaille Just Skin 
This tinted moisturiser has nothing but rave reviews, it promises good coverage and a light feel, I've looked at it and felt the texture many times in SpaceNK but I'm yet to try it out, partly because I'm scared I'll love it, and at a whopping £57 it may just be way to much money for me to ever justify, even to myself! Maybe a Christmas present...

Kerastase Ciment Thermique
After running out of my beloved Necter Thermique in July, I've struggled on with different products but none are quite as good, nor seem to be as good for my hair, as my hair is starting to get much longer, and I have plans to change the colour in December (I know, I plan ahead!) I need to look after my hair much better than I am now. This is supposed to strengthen your hair from the inside out and protect it from heat styling, while making it smooth and soft to the touch, which all sounds pretty good to me! This costs around the £18 mark.

So that's what I'm currently wishing for, what are you currently after?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind

Back in April, I decided to change up my skincare. I had unhappily using Liz Earle for a few months with no results, and wanted my skin to look great for my trip to the Netherlands with my Mum that month, so I decided to try Clarins.
First, my skin. My skin is combination, I can get a teeny bit of shine during the day but that's it, I'm also acne prone and I get horrible clogged pores. My skin is also dehydrated even though I drink a shedload of water.

Clarins is a brand I had never really been a big fan of, I thought they were a bit boring and outdated on the make up side so I never really had a good look at them, but my Mum suggested to me that we have a look and I could see if there was anything I'd like. The first thing I loved was that they gave out samples! I've wasted so much money on loads of products that didn't work for me or made my skin worse, so I was so happy to get samples of the products. 
The sample of this cleanser lasted me about 4 days and honestly, using the products together made a huge difference to my skin! it was amazing, my skin looked brighter and clearer almost straight away, I've tried different things since and this is definitely what keeps my skin clear.

The cleanser is a thick cream consistency, it also has these little blue beads that 'pop' when you rub it into your skin, they're not at all exfoliating. I just rub the cleanser onto my dry face until the beads have popped, then add a little water to allow it to foam up, and remove it with a flannel or muslin cloth (whichever, I don't mind!). After my face feels super clean and all make up is removed, although I do always cleanse twice, this tube has lasted me since April and is starting to get super hard to get it out of the tube! It's amazing and makes such a difference to my skin, my skin is clear 80% of the time now, when I always used to have at least one or more spots. I've tried another cleanser since and my skin started to break out again, I'm so sure that it's this product that keeps my skin nice.

The only thing that it doesn't do, is help with my horrible congested pores, but I'm yet to find anything that does, so if you have any recommendation for a product that helps, let me know!

This cleanser costs £17.50 in store, but I found it online for £15.75 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Boring Haul of Boringness

After an extremely long and boring UCAS talk a college, I went to check my bank balance and buy some textbooks (why do textbooks cost stupid amounts of money?) for college and found I had more money than expected, so on friday I decided to haul some essentials I had been after for a while. 

First I took a trip to MAC, I never really shop at MAC anymore as their collections bore me as it's all the same thing over and over again, and it's no longer exciting, but I do still love a lot of things in their regular line. 

Blanc Type Eyeshadow 

Blanc Type is the most boring eyeshadow ever. it's a creamy white-beige with a matte2 finish, it's really smooth, buttery and soft and really opaque, I've tried many other eyeshadows of this type but they're all must sheerer than this one is. I use it as the base for just about every make up look.

Select Cover Up Concealer in NW15 

This is a great concealer, it's light and sheer in texture but has great coverage and a skin like finish, it goes great over blemishes and under the eyes even though it's a pink toned colour. I don't like dry concealers like Studio Finish or Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage , and I hated the collection 2000 one everyone loves, I like a creamy liquid, if that makes any sense.

MAC Bulk Wipes

Oh I'm bad. I will admit that when I have evening classes, I get home, get into my jarmies, tie back my hair and wipe my make up off with a wipe. Yes a wipe. I'm awful, I know. I am really fussy with wipes though, they have to have a plastic lid and they have to be really wet feeling. My favourites are the No.7 ones, or the Soap and Glory ones, I used to like the age perfect ones from L'oreal, but they've changed the packaging. The reason I decided to get the MAC ones, was because they are my favourite and I think they remove make up best, but also because of the price. Per wipe the Soap and Glory wipes are 18p per wipe so 100 of them would cost you £18, the No.7 ones are 23p per wipe, so would cost you £23 for  100, the MAC ones are £19 for 100, and I feel they remove make up much better than either of the other brands mentioned, so to me, they're 100% worth the money. Plus the packaging counts to towards Back 2 Mac
On the subject of Back 2 MAC, I had been hoping to return my empties for Rebel Lipstick, but they were out of stock! as it was the one I really wanted, I've decided to wait and get it when it comes back into stock rather than pick an alternative.

I then took a trip to Boots and I got;

Smashbox Photofinish Primer

I decided to get a Primer as I have really dehydrated skin, foundation skins in and looks awful on my skin, so I decided to try to see if it helps keep my make up on for longer, and create a bit of a barrier to stop my skin looking so crap with make up on! when I wore it later that day my make up looked nice and it felt nicer than when I wasn't wearing it, it also kept my make up on better and stopped me from having that feeling of wanting to wash my make up off the second I am no longer in a public place.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

I bought this after trying to hunt down the Maybelline Dream Matte powder (Love that packaging) but couldn't, so I decided to go for this one instead. it's a fairly boring product, it works, stops me looking oily but isn't super matte and is quite finely milled and feels nice on the skin.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

I bought this is as powder brush cause it's massive! it's really soft and not super densely packed like my eco tools blush brush (Great to blend, crap to apply) so dusts powder all over the face lightly, I think it is way to big for blush though, but I may try it.

I also bought some metal cuticle nippers, but they're REALLY boring so I won't show you those, they do look like a torture implement though.

So that's my haul, I still have a few bits and bobs to get to be really happy with my make up (Ive condensed down a lot of what I did have) and feel like I have everything I need...one of them is a foundation! I did like the new one from YSL but the colour isn't perfect for me (BR10 is too pink, B10 is too yellow and dark) one day, I'll get one that works for me!